Building a Globe Network of Alumni

Prof. Eli Katunguka-Rwakishaya

Vice Chancellor, Kyambogo University.


 On behalf of the Council, Management, Senate, and students of Kyambogo, I welcome you to the Kyambogo University Alumni Website, which supports collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, information, and best practices between the University and her stakeholders. I appreciate you visiting our website and embracing our mission.

Kyambogo University was formed in 2001 through a merger of three institutions namely, Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo (UPK), Institute for Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK) and Uganda National Institute for special Education (UNISE).

However, there were precursor institutions that existed e.g., the Government Teacher Training College established in 1948 at Nyakasura, Fort Portal and Kampala Technical Institutes established at Kyambogo University Hill in 1958. The graduates from Kyambogo University, its affiliated institutions and its precursor institutions constitute the bulk of its Alumni.

During the restructuring of Kyambogo University (2020), there was establishment of the Advancement and Alumni Relations Unit under the Office of the Vice Chancellor. It is responsible for building and strengthening relationships with diverse constituencies that encourage investment and support the University through its programmes and initiatives, Alumni Relations, organizing income generating events and other means of resource mobilisations such as fundraising, collaboration and networking. Additionally, it is responsible for mobilizing, coordinating and managing the Alumni database.

To enable us get pertinent information from Kyambogo University Alumni, the Alumni Relations Office developed an Alumni registration link that is being circulated on different social media platforms encouraging Alumni to register and join KyU Alumni Fraternity. I call upon you to embrace this registration.

 The alumni relations program will continue for years to come, and it will include academic contributions, news about events on campus, fundraising towards the development of the University and information about recent changes. In order to encourage contact, we want to encourage intellectual and professional conversation among graduates. This will sustain the Kyambogo spirit and foster the development of new and/or renewed friendships. In addition to making sure alumni are informed and linked to the University, the office of alumni relations will see to it that all alumni are mobilized, newsletters about alumni activities are published, and their opinions are canvassed. To advance the interests of our alumni, the Alumni Relations desk will collaborate closely with the Convocation office.

Kyambogo University is proud of the nearly 600,000 graduates who make up its alumni network. Kyambogo University experience ties us all together and produces a vibrant, giving, and network that changes the world. We have a lifelong relationship and we hope you remain in touch and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that our community presents.

Each graduate of Kyambogo University, its former and affiliated institution is eligible to join the community known as Kyambogo University Alumni Fraternity. We want you to be a part of our alumni community as we work to build a robust, global, fully interactive community.

 In order to keep in touch with you our alumni, Advancement and Alumni Relations Office created this Alumni website which will help you stay connected to KyU and network with other alumni worldwide, no matter where you may be.

Please update your records with the Alumni Relations Office by visiting  and entering the necessary data in order to cement your relationship with your alma mater.

I want to thank you for continuing to support our work. You are important members of the University and our best supporters and ambassadors. Let’s get together right now to create and preserve thrilling moments and lifelong memories. Your alma mater is eager for a prospect of an even stronger link between you and the University.

You, our beloved alumni, are a window into our past, a symbol of our present, and a connection to our future.

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