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How to Get Involved.

  1. Support students’ and graduates’ employability. This can be through offering internship placements and graduate job opportunities in your organization to the Alumni.
  2. Connect with fellow alumni by attending the alumni events
  3. Help the University in organizing one of the alumni events.
  4. Ensure we always have your most current contact information in order to keep in touch with you and more effectively connect with you your fellow alumni.
  5. Keep us informed of your accomplishments, awards, promotions and other notable happenings in your life.
  6. Make a donation to the University
  7. Read the regular/monthly e-newsletter and engage in the stories of alma matter and fellow alumni.
  8. Speak to the current students at a networking reception and make them inspired.
  9. Give funds to support the university research and development projects.

Support Us

Your support, small or big, has a great impact on the development of Kyambogo University to have it change the world. We are committed and ready to make extraordinary achievements with your support towards the University. This can be through fundraising events, making donations directly to the University, organizing Alumni reunions that allow alumni to celebrate their respective milestones by supporting the priorities of Kyambogo University that brought them together in the first place and funds raised can collectively make a significant difference. It can also be through dedicating a gift, and more other ways that can raise funds to the University.

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