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Kyambogo University hosts guests from Ghent University the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

The Advancement and Alumni Relations Kyambogo University served as the host for International Guests from Ghent University (Belgium) from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering on 23th October, 2023 marking an important milestone that demonstrates the university’s dedication to developing international cooperation and education advancement, interuniversity partnerships and scholarship opportunities for interdisciplinary university programmes.

The Ghent University team was carrying out “promotional tour in Uganda at Kyambogo University to present Scholarship opportunities and Graduate programs for our students” which took place at CTF Auditorium 105 at 2pm.

The event was opened up by a prayer. The guests introduced themselves as they were directed by Dr. Mary Kaggwa. Judith Irene Nagasha (PhD) the Head Advancement and Alumni Relations Office gave the opening remarks and, in her communication, she warmly welcomed the team from Ghent University, Students, Alumni, and other distinguished guests for their coming following the call from ARO to be part of the presentation.

It was followed by the communication from Prof. Bosco Bua, the Director of Research and Graduate Training Kyambogo University who was among the distinguished visitors that attended and he officiated the presentation. His involvement and communication highlight the importance of the presentation.

Prof. Bua in his communication, he emphasized the University’s ongoing dedication to research and conferences to share scholarly ideas and produce original solutions for the education industry and thanked Mr. Michel And Ms. Hilde a team from Ghent University for their interests to come and work with us.

Other distinguished visitors included; Prof. Ediriisa Mugampoza the Dean Faculty of Science, Prof. Charles Onyotha the Dean Faculty of Engineering, Mary Kaggwa (PhD) who was our Moderator, and Heads of Departments from different Faculties at Kyambogo university. Also present were the students and distinguished Alumni from various professional backgrounds.

Thereafter, a presentation from Mr. Michel Flement and Ms. Hilde Vandecasteele, a team from Ghent University Faculty of Bioscience Engineering was received. It was an interesting presentation that offers Joint Research and Scholarship Opportunities to our students, staff and alumni which included the following International Master Programmes.

A Master of Science in:

Rural Development
Nutrition and Food System
Soils and Global Change
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Sustainable Food Packaging
Health Management in Aquaculture
Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental Technology and Engineering
Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management

The team from Ghent University also explained how one can apply for a Study Programme and Scholarship Opportunities.

After the Presentation, there was Q&As Session where many questions were asked to Team Ghent University and all got answered. It was a fantastic Session because we had a chance of interaction.

It was followed by the closing remarks by Prof. Ediriisa Mugampoza the Dean Facculty of Science. He extended sincere thanks to the team from Ghent University, all the distinguished guests, Students and Alumni for honoring the invitation to the Presentation. He encouraged the students to try those Scholarship Opportunities because they of more benefit instead of running for jobs after their Bachelors.

He thanked the Advancement and Alumni Relations Office for organising such a Presentation that provide opportunities to our students. He also thanked VC’s office for the support it gives the Advancement and Alumni Relations Office while organising such wonderful events.

The Ghent University’s Presentation to our university resorts perfectly with the University’s focus on the internationalisation of education, inter-university partnerships and scholarship opportunities for interdisciplinary university programmes.

In conclusion, as the conference progressed, it acted as a ray of hope, heralding a better future for education around the world, with Kyambogo University leading the charge in fostering sustainable, inclusive, and innovative learning environments.

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