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Kyambogo University holds the 2nd Edition of Steam Festival

Under the theme “Demystifying Science, Technology and Innovation for Community Development,” Kyambogo University organized the second edition of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Festival, which was held at Central Teaching Facility (CTF) from May 24 to 26,2023.

Dr. Savannah Nuwagaba, who was in charge of organizing the STEAM Festival, claims that the festival’s major objective was to close the knowledge gap between knowledge producers and knowledge consumers in order to foster an understanding of the contribution that science and technology make to community development.

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet K. Museveni, attended as the chief guest; however, she was represented by Dr. Monica Musenero.

While giving her remarks, Dr. Monic Musenero applauded the University for coming up with an initiative that provides a platform for sharing the knowledge and dissemination of research. She again said that Science, Technology and Engineering can’t work in isolation if we are to achieve Uganda’s Development Agenda

Dr. Monica Musenero giving her remarks.

There was a pre-event conference where, among others, the academic staff of Kyambogo University presented the results of their research.

The Faculty of Science created the STEAM Festival as an annual celebration to serve as a forum for knowledge exchange and to display the various pedagogical initiatives and research innovations being implemented by Kyambogo University’s faculties, schools, and institutes.

Prof. Eli-Katunguka Rwakishaya inspecting the stalls.

Participants from academia, industry, and policy made three sub-themes of their focus before the general public, focusing on “strategizing for equitable and innovative education,” “initiating sustainable dialogues between research, policy, and industry for evidence-based decision making,” and “protecting the environment for a secure future for all.”

Chairperson University council, Mary Goretti Nakabugo, PhD inspecting the stalls.

The launch of a rocket, which was organized by students from the faculty of science, the confectionery products like bread, cakes, and cookies, which were displayed by students under the auspices of the Kyambogo University Business Incubation Center, the natural convection solar dryer that exhibitors hope to use for post-harvest handling, and the production of fuel from terminal plastics, which was demonstrated by students from the oil and gas department under the auspices of the Kyambogo University Business Incubation Center were among the notable items exhibited

Dr. Monica Musenero inspecting the stalls.

Professor Eli-Katunguka Rwankishaya, the Vice-chancellor, praised the students for their brilliant inventions and ideas in his remarks and thanked the academics and teaching staff for supporting and advising them throughout the invention stages. He promised to advocate for more funding to facilitate student and faculty research so that even more breakthroughs might be seen

Pro. Eli-Katunguka Rwakishaya giving his remarks.

Before the Festival ended on May 31, there was tension, excitement, anxiety, fear, and confusion among students, attendees, and other invited guests as they waited to see what would happen after two students from the faculty of science tested a rocket.

The test was overseen by a group of students from the FACULTY OF SCIENCE, and it started just about 4:00 pm, when the festival was about to end.

Two students, Kafeero Martin and Ssenvuma Enock, were in charge of the test.

Launching the Rocket was Kafeero. Although the situation was calmed by the innovators that the emitted gases were not to be harmful to those who were around as witnesses during the launch because the rocket’s energy source was glucose and sucrose, which are found in human food and therefore the carbohydrate, the rocket was seen emitting thick fumes and gradually moving along a wire while producing loud sound until it reached its destination and exploded, covering the surrounding area in a brownish thick smoke.

When asked what motivated his crew to develop such an innovation, Mr. Kafeero provided two answers in an interview with one of the inventors.

  1. To demonstrate science and put what is learned in class into practice. In this project, the third law of Newton—according to which “Action and Reaction are equal but opposite”—was shown. Despite studying Newton’s laws of motion, many students never have the chance to put them into practice.
  2. Space is where humanity will live in the future, and rockets are necessary for any space initiatives, such satellite launches. Such projects can only be launched with the help of rockets, according to information about the NASA project.

Mr. Kafeero hopes to create further innovations using the knowledge and abilities he has gained through his education, and he is inviting people to join him in this effort.

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