Building a Globe Network of Alumni

Give funds to support the university research and development projects

Developing Kyambogo University Together

Diversifying the University’s resource base

Your involvement is key to the development of the University


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Give funds to support the university research and development projects.


Alumni Events

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Common Funding Sources

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The University Identity

About Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University (KYU) was established with the main aim of promoting and advancing knowledge and development of skills in Science, Technology and Education and such other fields having regards for quality, equity, progress and transformation of society.


“To be a Center of Academic and Professional Excellence.”


“To advance and promote knowledge and development of skills in science, technology and education and such other fields having regard to quality, equity, progress and transformation of society.”


“Knowledge and Skills for Service”

Objectives' Broad Areas

Creation and promotion of knowledge, Capacity building & Education and skills development

Keep us informed of your accomplishments, awards, promotions and other notable happenings in your life.



University Advancement and Alumni Relations office

The Alumni Relations is one of the newly established offices in the new University structure of Kyambogo University whose primary focus is to create a database for all Alumni of Kyambogo University.

Diversifying the University’s resource base

Resource mobilization from Alumni

Our responsibility is to build and strengthen relationships with diverse constituencies that encourage investment and support to the university in its programs and initiatives.


Alumni Network


Graduates Per year from Main Campus


On going projects

2360 +

Registered Alumni

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Why Kyambogo?

Kyambogo University is one of the largest public Universities in Uganda with well established academic programmes and facilities, and over 100 affiliate institutions allover Uganda. Our programmes range from Vocational Studies, Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, Business and Engineering.


Working with Kyambogo University Convocation Office to promote the interests of our Alumni through organizing some alumni events.


Any questions? You are already Answered

• Collectively, you and everyone you graduated with from Kyambogo University are alumni.
• All students in the session of Kyambogo University.
• Graduates of other institutions under Kyambogo University

• Registrations are done online on Kyambogo alumni website. Follow this Link or you can visit our office at Kyambogo University.

Alumni will be part of a community that offers you various benefits including:
• Being informed of exciting job opportunities which arise.
• Receive University magazines and invitations to events.
• Continued access to career advice and support from careers team.
• Alumni communications. Alumni will always receive newsletter to keep them up to date with events and activities.
• Mentoring. Many recent graduates benefit from being paired up with a mentor of the alumni online community.
• Networking opportunities.
• Fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge experience and opinions and to inspire others.
• Keep alumni in touch with what’s going on at the university.

• Corporate sponsorships.
• Income from endowment and other investments.
• Registration fees from association events.
• Affinity relations and programs.
• Making and selling memorabilia to raise funds for the University.
• Golf Gala. Organizing a golf gala is a fun and successful fundraising idea. With a Golf gala, you have plenty of time to chat and connect with potential donors while enjoying.
• Silent Auction. It is a great way to raise a lot of funds and provide donors with fun and engaging event.
• Corporate / Institution support.
• Donations/ gifts

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